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Selection Search - Translation and Search Launcher for Selected Text

Selection Search is a Translation and Search Launcher for Selected Text, this launcher have intelligent Search Buttons on Board, you can Select Text from Almost Any Windows Programs and in any Websites, then Click with your Mouse or Touch Device the Search Buttons and the Computer will Automatic Find out Where it can do the Google Search or Translation. (Right Mouse Click is for Translate Any Text)  (Left Mouse Click is for Doing a Google Search Results). And it is also possible to get the Search Results from other Search Engines, so Like Bing Search,Wikipedia Search,Yandex Search,Youtube Search,Vimeo Search.

With this Freeware you can speedup your work flow to do a Google Search or Translation.

Selection Search 1.0 Freeware Works on (Windows 7/8/8.1/10 32/64 bit)

It required that you did Setup One of these Browsers as Default! :

How to Download & Start Selection Search Freeware

You can Download Selection Search 1.0 Freeware From Here.

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Three Ways to use Selection Search

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Selection Search Works Everywhere

You may now the Swift Selection Search Add-ons for Firefox Mozilla Browser. the advantage of Selection Search Freeware is that it provides this functionality everywhere on your Windows System, so that all your applications instantly become SelectionSearch-enabled.

Selection Search is for Everyone

Selection Search is an Ideal Search Tool for authors, document creators, translators, secretaries, journalists, web designers and programmers, in fact for anyone who uses a keyboard Devices. 

If you Are Working Windows Office Application or other Editors or if you are surfing on Sites and you do not now what the meaning is of a sentence line or Paragraph Text or you want to now the definition of some Words, then With this Selection Tool you can Select it and Click the button and it will do automatic for example a Wikipedia Search or Google Search or other Search Engine Results Bing,Yandex,Youtube,Vimeo

you can simple select any text out site the browser and then you can do a google search or translations.

Easy to Use

This freeware requires no learning curve. You can Simply select any text then Click the Button and it will do for you the Google Search or Translation. That’s all. The whole process is mastered in a snap and it will save you hours of work.

Powerful & Robust

Selection Search 1.0 Freeware is a Newcomer and it is based on the rockin-solid Search Engines which is available for more than ten years and continuosly advanced


We give away the program free-of-charge. No strings attached. We want to provide a free alternative to full-fledged professional solution Selection search Extension for Google Chrome Browser and Swift Selection Search Add-ons for Firefox Mozilla Browser.

Advantages of Selection Search Tool.

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