Browser Tips to Surf Faster On the World Wide Web

Browser Tips for Windows System, These Days you want the Best Browser Tools where you have more Options to Surf On the World Wide Web. On this Site you have a Magic Tool called as Selection Search 1.0 Freeware. With this you are able to Improve and reducing your Repetitive Browser Movements, so that you have more Time to do Something Else. The follow things you do not need to do, Typing Manually Text for doing a Google Search is no more necessary to do, it is better that you can Select Text in Web-sites followed by clicking a Search Button and the Search Engine Searches will be then Completed. this works not only on Google Search but it is also able to do true Search Engines Like Wikipedia Search, Bing Search,Yahoo Search, Yandex Search, and many things more.

Special Search Engines Sites

Swiss Cow Search Engine. is a Special Search Engine Site, on this Website you are able to get the Search Results With Word suggestions ideas. you can click on these words buttons and it will Enable/put it or Disable/remove it on the Search Bar. and with Selection Search Freeware you are able to select Text in any Website and then Click the Special Swiss Cow Button, it will do the search for you in that Swiss Cow Site, you can then from out there doing the Word Suggestion Searches.

Start Page Search Engine. is a Anonymous Search Engine this means you can do a Search without History Influence.

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