About Selection Search 1.0 Freeware:

Selection Search 1.0 Freeware is Maked for Users who want to Speedup the Browser Movements. Normally you will need to type text in the Searching bars to do a Search Engine Search, but what if you are on a WebSite and you see Text that you want to Translate or if you are on a WebSite and you see a Keyword Phase Sentence that you want to do a Search Engine Searches? You can Manually Copy the Text and then Manually Go to Translation Site then Paste that Text and then do a Translation, the Cons of doing this is the Website Where you did stay is gone replaced by the Translation Site. With Selection Search Freeware you are Able to Stay on your Website in Firefox Mozilla Browser then you can Select Any Text and then Get the Translation Results or the Search Engine Search Results in a Second Google Chrome Browser. The Pros are you can Read the Existing Website without to have to Leave this Site. and you are Reducing the Browser Movements by Selecting Text, Click a Search or Translation Button and the Google Search Results or Translations is Completed. And with Selection Search you can also to use a Single Browser, Change the Settings a Little bit and you are ready to go.